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Posts tagged as “patient-centred care”

Doctors DO NOT make the worst patients

There is no other stereotypical view of doctors that I refuse to subscribe to quite like the old adage that doctors make the worst patients. I don’t believe that it is necessarily true or that any doctor who becomes a patient should find any comfort or pride in it. If…

Multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary?

I was at the outpatient clinic again last week, meeting another doctor for the first time in search for better explanations for my diagnosis and perhaps better care plans. The visit and the doctor turned out to be better than what I expected, in fact, it went well above and…

Patient-centred care

We (healthcare professionals) have all heard it before – patient-centred care. That phrase is used so extensively in the healthcare industry that it is nearly impossible for you to not have come across it. We either have heard it in healthcare administrators’ speeches, read it in hospitals’ annual reports, or…

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