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Posts tagged as “patients rights and responsibilities”

Irresponsible patients

Roughly two weeks ago, a video of a doctor losing his cool at a government health clinic in Rasah, Negeri Sembilan went viral. The short clip showed a doctor shouting at the patient who was recording the video, asking her to either wait outside the consultation room or leave the…

Can you please clarify this?

Throughout the years that I have been a patient, I have had many doctors and medical subspecialty teams looking after me. The most I had in a single hospital admission was 7 (subspecialties). Yup, that’s a lot. A lot of doctors to interact with and a lot of information and…

Full disclosure

During the antenatal period of my last pregnancy, I developed multiple complex medical conditions on top of my long list of co-morbidities. As the pregnancy unfolds, it gradually became tougher. It became a very complicated and tumultuous pregnancy, riddled with uncertainties at the turn of every trimester. But, my doctors…

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